Tips to Make Your PXE Classifieds Shine (and Sell)

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Now that we have launched the PXE Author and Publisher Classifieds Service for authors and publishers to sell their books,  we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on making a classified ad that really stands out and has the best chance of turning into sales.

Yes, the ads are free, so the investment is mostly time, but you still want that investment to pay off, and here are 5 good things to keep in mind.

Tip 1: Take advantage of the Paypal option

So, if you create your account- and use your Paypal email address for your email address- when people see your listing, they can literally buy your book right from the listing. What’s nice about that is that it means better chances of closing the sale.

Tip 2: Make your description count

The best thing we can say here, is let your favorite online book store’s format be your guide- include the details of your book (Pages, genre, ISBN, Reading Level, etc.) in the listing. All of that Information gets search engine indexed, improving your discoverability. You can add additional store links in your description, so add all the places people can click to get your book. Add a review- really build the trust factor of your listing.

Tip 3: Be consistent, it’s a marathon

Each listing lasts 28 days. If you have more than one book, each listing should include your author website, Amazon Author Page Address and other places where people can find all your books. But don’t post all your books in one day- post one a day, or one a week, so you Always have a book active on the site.

Tip 4: Remember to re-list

Use Proxima’s social network and SEO to your advantage, make sure you re submit each book after the listing expires. Having more links in to your web presence is not a bad thing, and as people rely on the service to find and purchase new books, you want to have the best chance to be a choice for them.

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to boost or feature

For the price of a coffee, you can boost your listing to the top of a category. For an equally reasonable amount, you can have your book be featured, where everyone will see it. As the site gets busier with more submissions, don’t be afraid to use these tools to keep your book, front of mind.

In a matter of hours, the site have seen hundreds of views, which is exciting for us as the organizers, and we’ll soon be boosting the site to drive even more traffic to it and create an even more vibrant, interactive shopping experience for book lovers all over.

We hope to see your books soon in the site, and we hope everyone finds new readers!