This week in PXE

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It would appear that we have had another solid week for both the and Ad Service programs.

FindANewBook had a great week. We worked through our issues on the plate so far, and added some new ads with a bunch of new views. Next on the plate will be to launch the promoted content service, allowing authors to supplement their listings with additional content in the site’s blog section. We are 32 views away from 500, and we are excited to reach that in the next 24 hours.

The Ad Service also had a great week. The service delivered a 0.30% click through rate last week with another week of over 1,000 impressions. That’s about 3x industry average.

For the Holiday Season, we  are looking to offer a limited banner opportunity for authors to send us a banner to run through the end of the year, to test the first amount of interest.

We were also able to turn up another 2 sites this weekend ( and putting us at 11 active sites so far. We are excited to continue to expand the universe of places that content is showing.

The next step for the Ad Service is to tighten down the ads we already have running, and make sure we have adequate exposure for all sizes of ads across the network. We also have 4-5 sites that we want to get active in the next few weeks, so it will be busy around here.