The Author and Publisher Classified are Again Online

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Hi all-

Several months ago, we tested a Classified Ad Service for Authors and Small Presses. We had to shutter it when we had some tech related issues for the sites (part of which is the new site you see here now).

We have gotten the classifieds site back up and running, and will be looking for Authors and Publishers to start posting their books.

Key things to know:

  • Posting is free
  • Posts last 28 days
  • Must be original works- this is not a used book market
  • You can use your paypal address and have people purchase from you, direct from the listing
  • All Listings are manually approved/denied
  • All listings are tweeted out upon approval

We’d like to thank everyone that supported and shared the first effort, it was that work that pushed us to decide to bring it back here for round two.

Click Here to create your listing today!