Proxima Emporium Welcomes you to

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Proxima Emporium announce the immediate launch of, a new fun way to discover new books to read and promote your books in a completely new way.

What is It?

Well, we can tell you it is not a literal fight of any sort. Authors and small presses are invited to share the news of their works with us. We review the submissions, and if we are intrigued, we’ll ask for 3 physical copies.

Our review team reads the books, we send an interview to the author/press to gather important promotional information, and then the fun begins…

How it works . . .

Each Month, we showcase three titles together, and we spend the month promoting those three titles. We add them to the BiblioFight Store, and we send the orders to the authors/press’ to fulfill. We host a podcast extolling the virtues for each of the books, and the authors or presses themselves can please their cases with blog posts and videos we share. It’s a hectic month of activity.

There can be only one… kinda

Once the month ends, we pay out the dollars to each of the three Authors/Press’. To the victor goes the highest commission, and the digital crown of BiblioFight Winner!

The fight is on, are you in?