Proxima Emporium July 2929 Wrap Up

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July 2020 continued the momentum we saw start in June, with strong gains in traffic, ad performance and services. All in all, a great month.


Banner Ad Network impressions were up 41% from June, for the second highest impressions of 2020 so far. Clicks were up over 100% for the month. We are expecting stronger numbers in August, and we hope to have our first 10,000 impression month of 2020.

A number of Properties saw traffic surges in July, including client site, and Most importantly for us, FindANewBook,com also surged in traffic. is doing very well in July, with sales up and listings up as well. We are looking at some creative ways to build on that momentum, and we have announced plans for the 2020 Holiday Sale.

Top 5 Proxima Client Websites July 2020:

5.– The website of Author Bruce Davis

4.– The community social site for Brick Cave Media

3.– Our own indie book seller classifieds site

2.– Website of publisher Brick Cave Media

1.– Website of literary Non Profit

Upcoming Goals:

We originally thought we would be developing more on in July, but the work that we did with FANB ended up being far more detailed than we had anticipated. We are working to have 100 books listed in FANB, a goal we are working to achieve by September 1. Currently we are at 42 ads and have exclipsed 7.000 views on Ads since opening the site.