Proxima Emporium February 2021 Wrap Up

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We started 2021 on a bit of a high note, getting through some programming issues with, and supporting both Anthology and Brick Cave Media on some client work. Overall, things are going well.

Top 5 Client Sites in February 2021:
5– The website for author J.A. Giunta
4.– The community social site for Brick Cave Media
3.– The website of Author Sharon Skinner
2.– Website of literary Non Profit
1.– Website of publisher Brick Cave Media

Update from the PXE Ad Network
We saw over 18,000 impressions on the network in February, that continues to get stronger each month. The CTR was 0.10%, pretty much on par with how things have been over time.

We are looking to launch some “buy once” options for the network, so you would buy ‘x’ impressions for your ad, submit the ad and it would go to town. Still working on the details for that, but

Upcoming is the next project on tap for us, as well as reviving the back on track. Other than that, just waiting out the pandemic 🙂