Proxima Emporium: Closing out June, 2020

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June 2020 was a good months for the network overall. We did run into a bit of a Cloudflare challenge early on that blocked some sites from getting visitors, but it looks like we cleared that up and all sites are accessible again.

We will fall short of our 10,000 banner ad impression goal for the month, but it does look like we will see an increase over May’s numbers and be well positioned for July.

We had to put the podcast for Bibliofight on hold for just a bit while our hosts worked through some commitments, but we are hoping to get that back on track for July.

July is going to be all about and These free services will be key to driving traffic to the network, and helping authors generate revenue during this time, as it looks like the state of affairs will remain mostly unchanged now through summer.

More reporting after the month closes out.