Proxima Emporium August 2020 Wrap Up

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August was a dip month across the spectrum for the network. Unique visitors were down by just about 50%. This is not overly surprising as historically August traffic dips. Some areas of the country also began to reopen from the pandemic and I would imagine people that finally get to go out would want looking at a screen to be the last thing they do- just sayin’.


On the plus side, traffic grew at and, while remaining vitually identical at

In August, crossed 8,000 views, and given we are a bit tardy in this report, we know that September’s numbers should be even stronger.

Top 5 Proxima Client Sites August 2020:

5.– The website of Author Sharon Skinner

4.– The community social site for Brick Cave Media

3.– Website of literary Non Profit

2.– Our own indie book seller classifieds site

1.– Website of publisher Brick Cave Media

Upcoming Goals:

While continues to be on the radar, we are looking to upgrade FANB and continue to drive traffic to that site.

On the Advertising side, in spite of traffic declines, we were able to keep add traffic fairly steady, and earn a stronger click through rate as well.