Proxima Emporium Announces the Proxima Banner Ad Network

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Proxima Emporium, LLC., an Arizona based literary services agency, announced today that they are now allowing authors, publishers and those in the literary community access to advertise through their existing Proxima Banner Ad Network, a group of over 25 websites. Collectively, the sites see tens of thousands of visitors each month, and access to that network provides a very dedicated audience for advertisers.

“For years, our network has allowed our clients access to a great source of traffic to promote the literary arts as a whole. Opening that network today to additional literary based advertisers is a great way to continue to expand our traffic and audience.” says Proxima CEO Bob Nelson.

Proxima Emporium invites any author, publisher or other literary business to review the options and pricing available on their new site, located here.  The network offers several size options for the banner ads, as well as a text ad option.

“As the network increases in size, obviously so does the traffic, and we are excited that we have reached our milestone to provide others the opportunity to increase the diversity of content that our traffic will see.”