Proxima Ad Network

Promote your books across the Proxima Emporium (PXE) Network.

This service is not ready to launch as yet, because we have not finished building out the network, but you’ll have the opportunity for a flat monthly fee (or set time period) to have a banner ad show across the PXE and partner website network, encompassing 20+ websites, generating thousands of views each month for your book/product.

How Much Will My Ad Cost?

As an advertiser, you will be able to purchase either a set ad run, or an ongoing subscription. Prices have not been set as yet.

Where Will My Ad Show?

Once the network is complete, we will list all of the sites included here.

What if I Need an Ad Made?

We can recommend these guys, but they are not connected with us. You can also check in here, a side project we maintain on Facebook. We do not contract for graphic design.

How Do I Get Started?

Once we are ready to launch this service- this text will be replaced with a form for you to fill out with all the details we need.