October 2021 Review at Proxima Emporium

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It was a very busy summer for PXE and we did not have time to keep you updated, but here are your updates for October performance. Overall, the Ad network is performing well, with well over 130,000 impressions between April and October, with almost every advertiser seeing clicks.

Top Sites of the Month

Strictly looking at October’s numbers for traffic, October did get a little challenging. Brick Cave Media consolidated two of their existing sites, brickcavemedia.com and bcbookclub.com, into one new site at brickcave.media. That caused a split audience situation for the property. November should bring some calm as the client has closed off the two properties.

In other news, you will see a powerful newcomer in bookcoachingbysharon.com, a sister site for author Sharon Skinner’s primary writing site at sharonskinner.com. Had we been able to report monthlies over the summer, you would have seen this rise in process.

5. SharonSkinner.com– Client Author Sharon Skinner
4. BrickCave.Media/ Brickcavemedia.com– Client Brick Cave Media, LLC
3. BrickCaveMedia.Square.site– Client Brick Cave Media, LLC
2. BookCoachingbySharon.com– Client Author Sharon Skinner
1. Anthology.org– Client Anthology, Inc.

PXE Properties

PXE properties struggles a bit in October, with none in the top 5 for the month. This site obviously without updates suffered a traffic free fall, and FindaNewBook.com also dropping from the top 5.

Updates from the PXE Ad Network

The system saw 12,800 impressions in October. Not all the sites we manage show 3rd party ads from the network, but October’s Top 5 ad impressions that do were:

5. microglomerate.com– Proxima Emporium Service
4. arizonabookcoalition.com– Client Anthology, Inc.
3. findanewbook.com– Proxima Emporium Service
2. bcbookclub.com– Client Brick Cave Media, LLC
1. SharonSkinner.com– Client Author Sharon Skinner

Looking Ahead

It’s the holiday season, and while we did not do anything to promote the opportunities we provide for those in the literary arts, we are anticipating increased traffic across most all of the properties. Standouts should be the authors, followed by Antholology’s site proper and the new Brick Cave Site. All in all it should be a great holiday season for the network.

We’ll see you first part of December!