May 2020 Banner Advertising Stats

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May’s Banner Adverting statistics retreated approximately 20% from April. Two additional properties came online in May. Click Through also continued to see a good response, if down slightly from April. Numbers from April below are listed in parenthesis.

As April saw an unprecedented rise in Internet traffic, Proxima reported a 150% and 120% rise in network impressions in both March and April, May’s numbers could be a correction back towards more normal traffic levels.

May: Total Impressions: 4,397 (5,161)
Click Thought rate was: 0.18% (0.21%)
Number of Sites Showing Ads: 22 (19)

# of Advertisers on the network: 6, running 19 campaigns

The majority of sites reported in with new content in May, helping to offset some of the traffic declines. Traditionally, Summer is seen as a lower time of traffic, but the Pandemic could create new trends.

June Anticipations:

June will see the expansion of ads showing on several existing properties and the addition of at least 4 new properties to the network. Proxima Emporium is also anticipating significant promotion of the and properties, which should add traffic to the network.

  • We will be updated the ad server software for new features and continued security.
  • We will be adding significant ad content to the network.

Beyond June:

We are continuing to review the possibility of adding sites to the network outside of the Proxima client network. No decisions have been made, and we don’t anticipate any finalization before the end of 2020. We still have significant work to do to complete the work within the client network and build ad showing capacity.


Press, Publishers and writers looking to advertise their works can do so through the Official PBAN Page. All advertisers are subject to approval and network availability.