March 2021 Review at Proxima Emporium!

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It was a deceptively busy Pandemic Arrival Anniversary month, and the PXE network reflected some of that. Here’s an update from the various projects.

Top Sites of the Month

Top sites of the month for March was pretty consistent. There was a lot of activity around Brick Cave during the month so their continued top billing is no surprise. Overall, both site visits and page views were up significantly. Overall, Proxima properties and clients saw about 1,800 unique visits and over 3,100 page views for the month. But here you go:

5.– Client Author Joe Giunta
4.– PXE service
3.– Client Author Sharon Skinner
2.– Client Anthology, Inc.
1.– Client Brick Cave Media, LLC

One notable change is that entered the top 5, while exited the top 5, which we’ll touch on right now.

PXE Properties

Proxima hosts and manages a number of properties- MOSTLY designed around the support of authors and writers, but some ( for example) of a more general nature. So far, the most popular of which is, which considering we haven’t event put any promotional push behind it is fantastic news for us.

Updated from the PXE Ad Network

The Ad network Exploded to over 28.000 impressions in March. CTR was down to 0.04% for the month, which is not necessarily surprising given the dramatic increase in impressions.

We’ll be running our fist “impression sales” for authors and publishers in May, so stay tuned.

Coming Online

Some new sites are coming online, or getting significant boosts here in April. Anthology is looking at resuming some events in September and December, so the and sites are starting to get some activity.

Anthology has also started promoting the Arizona Book Coalition site as well, so if you are an author/publisher, these may be great opportunities to access some particular audiences.

We are continuing to develop, and you will probably see a beta on that site in June, which we are excited about.

That’s what we know now, see you in May!