Last Week’s Results- PXE Ad Service/

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It’s been a busy week in the PXE Lab, here are a couple updates…

Proxima Ad Service

Last week was a great week for the Ad Service Beta. We saw with 1,333 impressions over the week- a new weekly record. We’ll be adding some additional sites to the mix this coming weekend and that should move the bar forward again. So far we are on track to organize an offering around that service for the first of the year.

We saw 165 visits to last week, JUST shy of the 169 we saw the week before, so we are happy for the constancy. The site will undergo some updates this weekend and may be unavailable while that happens.

That site continues to be open to  authors to post their ads, and we will launch a banner promotional campaign on that as well in the next few weeks.

What’s Next?

Our Pipeline is FULL of projects, but we won’t launch anything new before the first of the year. Our survey makes no secret that we are interested in book sales data as a service, and we will continue to collect data on desire/demand for such a service here for the rest of the year.

We are also tinkering with a Book Distribution Model as well as a couple of unique ideas that we think can shake up the space a little. Make sure you join the Email Newsletter to stay up to date on all the happenings here.