June 2022 Proxima Client Site Wrap Up

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Let’s just play a little catch up here and share how the network did in June:

21 client sites registered traffic in June, and here are the Top 5.

Top 5

5- BookCoachingbySharon.com– Sharon launched a new podcast for this site, and combined with great organization the site stayed strong in our rankings.

4- Anthology.org– June turned the corner for Anthology, as there are several big book selling events happening this fall that people are looking forward to.

3- BrickCave.media– Dominated by Brick Cave, the top 3 sites clearly saw that the organization was promoting heavily. That being said, the new domain transition that the organization completed late last year has definitely improved their performance.

2- Pages.brickcave.com- This domain is the home for Brick cave’s landing pages, and they definitely were busy in June as the second most visited site.

1- BrickCaveMedia.Square.site– The store for Brick cave Media.

Ad Network Updates

The Ad network eclipsed 50,000 impressions in June, fantastic growth for the network. One site, shamelessbookpromotion.com,  (sorta) came online in June, generating a lot of impressions, and it should only get stronger as the site gets more in line.

What happened to FindANewBook?

FANB is a great concept, and the software was, OK. At the end of the day, dispite all of our best efforts, we could not thwart spam accounts getting into the mix, and we finally just had to shutter it while we figured it out.

And we will figure it out, and the site will be back, just a little time.

Looking Ahead

Fall is looking to be VERY busy for all the clients here in house, so that means that we’ll be working to keep up with updates and postings. Time permitting, we are looking to get FANB back online, and do more development with Shamelessbookpromotion.com as well, so it should be a great time for Proxima Clients!