January & February 2022 Wrap Up

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We’ll just wrap January and February together here. The new year was generous to the network, as both visits and page views were up from December. Site visits were up 67% in February, which was a healthy increase. Some of the factors in that growth are pulled out in the top 5 below.

Top Sites:

Overall, 21 sites in the network registered traffic for February, a very solid number.

5. JAGiunta.com– Fantasy author client J.A. Giunta continues to draw interested readers from across the web.
4. BookCoachingbySharon.com–  Interest in both Sharon’s writing and Book Coaching Services stayed strong into the new year. The sites came in #4 and #3 for the month of February
3. SharonSkinner.com– Strong SEO and consistent new content also plays a part in the success of Sharon’s writing site, which is also the home of her blog.
2. Anthology.org– A consistent presence in the top 5 each month, Anthology, inc. just keeps doing the work.
1. BrickCave.media– Client Brick Cave Media started an aggressive advertising campaign in February, so the leap to the top was not unexpected. The success of that campaign, the site received more visits in the short month of February than any of the last six months has to make them feel pretty good.

Ad Network Updates:

Because we did not have data collection as part of out network advertising strategy, the changes in technology providers regarding collection practices did not impact the network, although we are curious if those changes have positively impacted our traffic, which would obviously give our network more impressions.

Impressions into December more than doubled (16,621) from November (7,366), and have held steady since. January’s number was relatively flat (16,420) and February saw an increase to 17,751. Click rate has fluctuated between .02% and .04% from December to the end of February

All of this is to say the network is growing, and there are still some very important sites that are not online that will drive that even higher.

Looking Ahead:

As mentioned, some important network sites are offline, including our own FindANewBook.com and shamelessbookpromotion.com. We’ll be working on establishing/re-establishing those sites very soon and engaging in their growth.

The majority of our clients are engaged in some way with the Tucson Festival of Books, so we are curious if the lead up to that event will positively impact the network. We are expecting a lot of contenbt over the next few days for that event.

Of our clients, Anthology, Inc. is expected to re-launch the ArizonaBookCoalition.com site and has a pretty significant event happening in April. Brick Cave also has a big book launch happening in April with some programming around that in March. Client Sharon Skinner continues to push her business forward, so we are expecting to see her in the mix as well.

All in all, March should be a VERY busy month.