Fast Forward->May 2023

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Long Story Short,

The Network is doing well. Let’s punch out some numbers based on April 2023, since we are merely hours away from it’s end:

Top 5 (Unique Visits):

  • In at NUMBER Not surprising, Anthology hosted an event in April (see below) and the strength of the site has been growing steadily, which is a part of the reason we have been a bit behind in reporting on this site.
  • Number This is also not surprising, Sharon has been all over the media with podcasts, social media and promotion of both her writing site as well as…
  • Number She has been having a ton of success and the traffic to her sites backs that up.
  • Number An Anthology event, that happened at the beginning of the month, drove the traffic.
  • Number 1BrickCave.Media. Very strong numbers reminiscent of the traffic the site was receiving during the pandemic.

Ad Network Updates:

April Traffic looks to be right at 35,000 impressions overall, overall banner views have receded somewhat as some sites slowed down due to lack of content updates. We’ll keep a close eye on this in the coming weeks as we reengage with the network.

Sites Offline:

  • is offline
  • is offline

Sites Coming Online:


More details and plans on the rest of 2023, but first, there are other sites to maintain. Off I go…