December 2021 Wrap Up

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The Holidays were a touch of a downer on the network.  Visits were down about 18% from November, and pages viewed were down 20% from November. There were few things on the network that challenged traffic flow. Anthology postponed their largest event of the year that would normally drive significant traffic to it’s properties, and Brick Cave continues the phased transition to it’s new website, creating some traffic confusion. Anthology also shuttered (temporarily) the Arizona Book Coalition site. And we ourselves shuttered the site, again temporarily.

There were some winners. Client Sharon Skinner’s sites ( and saw increases and client author J.A. Giunta also saw increased traffic to his site,

Top Sites of the Month

With some sites blanking out in December, it really did not impact the top 5 from November -it will be interesting to see if those sites continue their momentum into the new year.

5.– Client Author Sharon Skinner
2.– Client Author Sharon Skinner
4. BrickCave.Media/– Client Brick Cave Media, LLC
3.– Client Brick Cave Media, LLC
1.– Client Anthology, Inc.

PXE Properties

The PXE sites were pretty non existent in December, which is understandable given the slow content of the season.

Updates from the PXE Ad Network

The system saw 7,366 impressions in November. Not all the sites we manage show 3rd party ads from the network, but October’s Top 5 ad impressions that do were:

5.– Client Bruce Davis
4.– Proxima Emporium Service
3.– Client Anthology, Inc.
2.– Client Author Sharon Skinner
1.– Client Anthology, Inc.

Looking Ahead

We are a touch late to the game with this update, so we can already see some improvements in January. Most of the site that are down should be back up in February, so both visits and pages should improve just based on that new capacity.

We’ll see you in a few days when we wrap January!