August Updates-

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August is looking pretty good here at Proxima, but just a quick recap-

The Classifieds have started growing nicely, just over a month old, over 1,500 views, starting to see more authors post their books. We are going to start boosting the service in September, so look for some details coming about that in the Newsletter.

The Ad Service is getting closer to launch. Our test traffic is getting close to 1,000 impressions a month, across the 7 sites we have in the network so far, We have a lot of work to go on the service before we offer it- including a lot of sites to add to the universe, so nothing ready for users as yet. We still have to create a pricing model for that too

The Web Services site could use some promotion, it’s a horribly over saturated market, and while we are competitive price wise, we are certainly not seen as much as we should be.

We are developing some additional book promotion programs, and may launch those by the start of the year.

Hope you are well!

Proxima Bob