Proxima Emporium (PXE) is an offshoot separation from the publisher Brick Cave Media. Fairly soon after Brick Cave started publishing, it became apparent that there were some services that authors needed that did not necessarily fit into the wheelhouse for Brick Cave as a publisher.

And seeing as how we saw existing services seemed to be pricey for authors and small publishers and we had the technical know how to pull some of these services together, we decided to create Proxima Emporium as a separate entity.

We are a self described niche provider, and we are looking to provide services and opportunities that support indies in their effort to promote their works.

Our core offering is Emporium Web Hosting, a service we started some years ago specifically for Brick Cave to manage their IT needs, but one that any of our fans and supporters can take advantage of.

We are not looking for a large client base, per se, we want to provide some services we think would make good tools for authors and small publishers to use.

So, subscribe to our email list, maybe surf the Classifieds for something new to read, or use our hosting service as a way of supporting the effort. Thanks for visiting us!

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