About Advertising and Sponsoring with Proxima Emporium

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Proxima Emporium is designed from the ground up to help those in the literary arts (and elsewhere) promote themselves and their works. There are free tools (FindANewBook.com) and low cost tools (BiblioFight.com) designed to give communal space to help writers and others work together to build an audience.

We also offer banner advertising and sponsorships.

Promote your Book/Website… while you do the writing

The Proxima Ad Network is a great, low cost way to promote your works across more than 25+ different websites in the Proxima stable of clients, including large traffic sites such as BCBookClub.com and Anthology.org. With more sites being added regularly, your banner is sure to get some attention and help drive traffic to purchase your book.

To start your advertising journey, visit the page above and choose your plan.

Be a Sponsor, reserve your space and be seen

We also offer limited Site Sponsorships. These sponsorships, costing less than .50/day give your banner content exclusive real estate on the sponsored site, ensuring that EVERY visitor both sees your graphic and knows your brand.

Sponsorships are annual, and the sponsorship rate is locked for the sponsor each year they renew, regardless of future rate changes.

The properties that offer site sponsorships is limited, as is the number of sponsors per site. Currently, the following sites are accepting sponsorships:

microglomerate.com (Live Site)
Shamelessbookpromotion.com (Planned)

To inquire about being an annual sponsor, email here.