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This site is designed to be an additional option for self published authors and small presses to promote their books.

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It's easy, and free to create and account and start posting your books. You can even set up your account to let people buy your books using Paypal (See Paypal below) right from the listing.

Posts are Moderated

All classifieds submissions are moderated, with approvals being done usually once per day.

Who Should be Posting Classifieds?

This is a service to promote the self published author or small press. If you are promoting such a book, feel free to post. Booksellers looking to sell inventory, or liquidate collections should not post.

We also would like to support creatives making book related merchandise (Book Cover art posters, bookmarks, that sort of thing), and will approved listings in the appropriate category as we develop those categories.

Posting is Free

Posting your book or literary related art or items is FREE. Each post lasts 28 days, and after it's expiration, you are welcome to resubmit it, also for free. We do have a couple ways to help you boost your books for a nominal fee, see below.

Paypal your way to Riches!

If you use your Paypal email address in your listing, people can order your book directly from your listing. Understand, Proxima Emporium is NOT involved in that process- so there are no commission, fees or consignment involved. You keep all the the $. That being said, we have NO records of orders placed, and can not act in any way regarding disputes or issues that could arise from listings.

Promoting, and Boosting Your Posts

Yes, creating listing is a free. Here are a couple easy ways to extend your listings for a nominal amount-

    Featured Ads

    You can make your listing a Featured listing, meaning it appears at the top of the site's home page, and in the side column. You can choose from one of three options: 7 days for $5.00, 14 days for $10.00 or $21 days for $15.00. The option to add this is in the listing details page for your listing.

    Bring to Top

    As the site grows, and more books and products are added, you may finds a need to pop your ad back up to the top of the list within a certain directory. for $2.00, you can do this. Find that option right in your listing details page.

About the A&P Classifieds

These classifieds are for a community looking to support small presses and indie authors by discovering and buying directly from them. The site takes no commissions, fees or consignment from creators to list their titles and products for sale. Find the next new author on your reading list right here!

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Posting your book or literary related art or items is FREE
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