Price : $15.99 Brick Cave Bob
09-09-18 23 Hits

Pages (Print Edition): 360
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-10: 1938190378
ISBN-13: 9781938190377
About The Book:

Getting busted for coming home late becomes the least of Quint Silver’s problems when he finds himself outside, beneath a full moon, in the middle of a blackout. Ethereal, humanoid creatures rise from every shadow he crosses, intent on smothering him. With Chelsea Price, the childhood friend he secretly loves, they discover the truth behind his mother's death and begin to uncover the mysteries surrounding his unpredictable gift. If his paranoid father discovers them Quint will be grounded for the rest of his teenage life. Adding to his problems, Quint has caught the interest of a magical society hidden within their community. Two clans of warring supernatural beings are vying for dominance, recruiting every soldier they can find. And they want him


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