2019 in the Rear View Mirror

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2019 was slow and steady for Proxima Emporium.

New Services-

Our biggest success,  were able to launch findanewbook.com with a new look and the first books. Right now we are closing in on 5,000 views on the site and closing on 30 listings. We believe that the service will only get bigger in 2020 as we expand awareness and grow the number of participating authors and visitors.

Beta, Beta, Beta-

It’s felt like the Ad Network has been in beta mode FOREVER, but the learning has been great, and the network has shown the stability and performance we wanted to see to move forward. For 2019 the network delivered over 14,000 impressions MOSTLY in the final 3 months as we added capacity. We expanded the network to 20 sites in 2019, with all but two delivering impressions before year’s end.

What’s Up for 2020?

We launched a new service, see the separate announcement for that. In our existing network and service offerings, the goal is to grow what we already have, with the goals:

  • Launch our Patreon, which will be focused on the Ad Network. (March)
  • Expand the Ad Network site list to 25 by year’s end.
  • Hit 100,000 impressions for 2020 in the ad network
  • Hit 100 listed books in the Classifieds

Launch 2 new products, neither of which we are able to talk about now, but you’ll find out about them as the year progresses.

There is ALOT to look forward to in 2020, and you should be keep track of our progress and announcements through our newsletter here: