The Marketplace, in Beta and ready for you

One of the over-arching goals of the whole Proxima Emporium experience is finding ways to build a more solid economy for independent, self published authors. Something beyond fighting with each other on Amazon for a limited amount of $ or having their sales opportunities usurped by strangers selling used copies or worse yet, unreported printed editions.

It’s a tall order of course, but we are looking for ways to incrementally impact the playing field. We think this might be one- The Proxima Emporium Literary Marketplace.

Simple, Direct, (Hopefully) effective.

You post an ad for your book, add a link to where people can find it (or, if you’re a Paypal user, let them buy it right off the listing). We go out and share the listing, get the traffic and turn that into sales of your book.

Dynamic, changing.

We want a place where things are hopping and people knew they’ll have new listings happening regularly. Each listing lasts 21 days, so nothing gets stale and we keep the dial moving.

Go ahead, give it a try.

We have started with a title, and will be adding some more over the next few days to start and generate the interest. We’ve also waived the listing fee to give people a chance to try it out.

Got Feedback? Hit us up

We are still calling it Beta because there are some things to work out, pieces to finish putting in place, etc. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be letting people take advantage of the core tech while we continue to polish. But if you have ideas, let us know: