This Week It’s All Shoes With Rockets

So, this week we are promoting client Sharon Skinner’s new book- Rocket Shoes. It is a great Children’s Book published by Sterling Publishing.

This is the sort of “Last Push” campaign to help drive awareness of the book beyond Sharon’s traditional markets. We are also testing some new tools to see if they can help us organically grow the awareness of the book as well. The book releases October 3rd, so we are guessing most pre-orders are on their way to the respective homes.

But that’s when the “real” work begins, when you have to actually build a new case for readers that may never have heard of her before. In our case, we do have some advantages, as Sharon has been frequenting San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco over the last few years promoting other books- this gives us access to 3 pretty good sized markets with audiences that we just need to “remind” she has a new book coming out.

This will also be a mostly Twitter focused campaign, as there is already a separate campaign plan (that we are managing) in place for her Facebook Presence to promote the tour stops of the upcoming tour.

We’ll talk more about the success/failure of the campaign when we are all done!

Buy the book 🙂